What is Good Smoke?

As smoke is hard to contain, Good Smoke is tougher to explain. We know Good Smoke can be found everywhere. So instead, come with us as we search high and low trying to capture it.

THE AIM: Spread Good Smoke

THE PURPOSE: Uplift, encourage and raise awareness within the darkness.

THE MEANS: Through speakers, screens and street corners.

Representing the cracks and crevasses

Join us LIVE every Tuesday 6pm-8pm AEST on Radio Skid Row 88.9fm.



This Is Good Smoke 


Good Smoke #1  

Revealing Good Smoke 

First show sharing briefly on how

‘Good Smoke’ came to be.


Good Smoke #2 

Matt x Naomi Whiteley 

Matt & Naomi Whiteley & Good Smoke meet up and have a fun and an interesting chat about going into business with mates, surviving the hard time's, been married and his relationship with the  profound Australian artist Brett Whiteley.



Good Smoke #3

Peri Santos

Coming to Australia at a young age Peri goes deep into been bullied and witnessing a stabbing at his first day at school. Growing up with the wrong group of mate's almost got him killed. 

"The bullet's go through the car, we all jump out to  see who it's hit and it's hit non of us and it went through my door, I'm  6 foot 4, 150kgs." 

Peri also share's his experience fighting in the cage in his first cage match.


Good Smoke #4

Harry Choukalas

Have you ever wondered why we still pay road toll's in Sydney? 

Harry goes in to depth on why we shouldn't be paying road toll's and how he went up against the government  and won his case on never paying a toll fare again.

Harry also talks about his political standings and his purchase of the old Sydney monorails.


Good Smoke #5

Rick Herrera

Rick Herrera join's the Good Smoke to talk about his journey from having a business, going bankrupt and ending up homeless. Now Rick is off the streets and giving back with his S.W.A.G FAMILY MINISTRY. To Rick its more than a ministry its family. Rick also serenade's Good smoke with his singing talent's.



Good Smoke #6

Kaan Paydas

Kaan Paydas join's the Good Smoke. Kaan is a close friend to the show and gave us the honour by sharing his up's and down's of life. Kaan goes through what is was like living in Eastlake's Sydney and dropping some wisdom of what he learnt growing up in the area and the mate's he grew up with . Kaan now run's his own business, working in the crane industry and finding his own niche and making his own lane. This was an enjoyable interview, taking us  back to the good old day's and some good old memories. 



Good Smoke #7

Robyn Arthur

Robyn Arthur join's Good Smoke. Robyn is an up and coming actress in Sydney Australia. She share's what it was like getting her first gig and what keeps her on the path she is on. Robyn also suffered from epilepsy from such a young age shaping her identity and who she is today. Robyn Arthur is full of wisdom, helping young actor's and actresses on how to hold themselves in the acting and film industry. 


Good Smoke #8 

Jannah Beth

Jannah Beth join's Good Smoke sharing her journey with been  indoctrinated into religion, finding faith in spirituality and her music  career. Thing's seem to come full circle in life and what we see as  junk from our past ends up been fuel to energize our future goals. For  Jannah Beth it's as simple as bringing her audience together for a  moment of connection through melodies and stories. Jannah Beth is  settled in Sydney's Inner-West carving her path in the music community  working on her own artist project and songwriting career.



Good Smoke #9

John August

John August is passionate about justice and ethics in our world, particularly as it plays out in law generally and intellectual property in particular. He has stood on behalf of the Pirate Party in the Federal seat of Bennelong and also as a Councillor for Ryde City Council. Along with technology and law John is also interested in spoken word and poetry. He broadcasts on community radio and hosts the program “Roving Spotlight” on Tuesdays from noon-2pm on Radio Skid Row Marrickville Sydney, and writes about his ideas on the website www.johnaugust.com.au


Good Smoke #10

Philip McDonald

Philip McDonald one of the host of The Rock's Ghost Tour's Sydney join's the Good Smoke. For all you history buffs out there, this one is for you. Philip take's us through the bizarre and fascinating history of The Rock's Sydney. A Hypnotherapist, historian, filmmaker. Mixed that with ghost stories and his mystical deep voice, Philip adds another dimension in telling the history for The Rock's and Australia. 



Good Smoke #11


Mvthalvnd join's Good smoke.

 A hip hop collective that is looking to take the world by storm. These Australian youth are expressing themselves through the power of music.

“The collective which is in essence ‘the motherland’ we are everything  and anything, a collective run by our talents, but not limited by our  talents. We aim to exceed boundaries through versatility, creativity,  and influence. We are constantly living, and growing. The motherland”  -Mvthalvnd-



Good Smoke #12


"INFERNO" join's Good Smoke. Hip-Hop/Rap Artist from Sydney Australia.  The young rapper has had a love for the Hip-Hop genre since the young age of 6, influenced by the famous "Eminem - Lose Yourself" song.  At the age of 13, Inferno begun to take music as a serious career option, and used his high school to his advantage in order to show case his abilities at school talent quests and performances. At the age of 16, Inferno had released his first mixtape by selling copies to students at school and running out of copies within the first three days of releasing.  After graduating high school in 2014, Inferno began to perform at bar and club venues across Sydney, eventually having the opportunity to headline selected gigs.   His long term vision is to have a significantly positive impact on Australian Hip Hop and it’s culture through his unique style of storytelling over modern instrumentals. 



Good Smoke #13


Up and coming bodybuilder Rang Rinadly join's Good Smoke.

An aspiring Athlete who is passionate about the fitness industry who wants to make a positive change to a stereotypical industry full of egos and insecurities. This is my story about how no matter how many mistakes, how many knockdowns, you are still able to pick yourself back up and change for the better and become someone’s inspiration, a role model. Real friends don’t compete with each other. Real friends lift one another & motivate each other to be the best they can be in whatever they’re trying to do. Don’t associate with people who try to belittle you with social standings and money, they’re alone for a reason.


Good Smoke #14


D.Minor join's Good Smoke. Daniel ‘D.Minor’ Harvey is a international recording and performing artist from Sydney Australia. His musical talent began at an early age when he found himself writing rap lyrics while growing up in a turbulent family life. As he was shuffled between foster homes, often finding himself homeless, his love and passion for music became his salvation. While sleeping next to bakeries for warmth, he would write rap lyrics in pursuit of his dream to become a rapper and inspire young people through his lyrics. D.Minor often says that “writing lyrics was like therapy for me”. 



Good Smoke #15


Romeo Georges join's Good Smoke. Romeo is a everyday human being just like me and you. The only difference is that this man is unfiltered, straight to the point, no if, buts or maybe's. His standing up for a cause and that cause is AUSTRALIA. Passion, dedication, compassion and heart are just some of the words to describe this gentleman. His love for this country and the love of the farmer's, has brought Romeo to dig deep and expressed his concern's. Through the power of the God given soul, Romeo has shared his view's of where this beautiful country is heading. Turn's out many many many more are thinking the same, which is giving courage to the silent majority.




Good Smoke #16


Romeo Georges join's Good Smoke again for a part 2 in-depth discussion of his first hand experience driving down to donate to the Sydney firefighters. Romeo explains what "Our Community Pantry" is all about and how they are doing their fair share to help the firefighters.  Romeo expresses his disgust and disbelief of the leadership actions from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (ScoMo). All this and more in true Romeo Georges style.

"God Bless you and God Bless Australia."

Romeo Georges 




Good Smoke #17


Father Dave join's Good Smoke. Parish priest, community worker, martial artist, pro boxer, author, father of four and Yi-Gi-Oh master. Father Dave has been serving the community of Dulwich Hill for 30 year's now. Father Dave is the oldest registered boxer in Australia and have fought many fight's to raise money for his fight club for the youth of the Inner West of Sydney. Father Dave is also involved in social justice movement's and has gone as far as meeting Julian Assange. Father Dave is full of wisdom and knowledge to share with us all, Im sure everyone that watches this will get something out of it. Enjoy.



Good Smoke # 18


Anthony Skinner join's Good Smoke. Anthony is the Founder at Magic Mic Comedy and Founder at ID Comedy he also studies at JMC Academy. Every Wednesday Magic Mic Comedy  hosts the best talent from Sydney and beyond. Providing memories and experiences that’ll break up your working week and in turn make your life better overall. For over 2 years the room has had international guests drop in such as  Tony Woods (USA), Steve Hofstetter (USA), James Smith (AUS/USA), Andrew Barnett (AUS), Simon Taylor (AUS/USA), as well as local legends crushing. Come down and share a laugh!

Good Smoke have been down, and Good Smoke can say this, there is some great up and coming talent in Australia. I had a great night and it was very well organised. Thanks Anthony.



Good Smoke #19


Jeffrey Morgan join's Good Smoke.Creator of the LIFESTYLE PROGRAM, TV Show host (Jeffrey’s healthy tips), Nutritionist, health & wellness expert consultant to MINISTRY OF HEALTH/NSW HEALTH/NSW RUGBY LEAGUE/NSW NETBALL, Motivational speaker & Health & Fitness business consultant. Jeff's ONLINE LIFESTYLE PROGRAM was designed to empower people to realistic & sustainable healthy lifestyle habits & rituals through our 30 DAY CHALLENGES starting on the 1st of each month. Jeff also take's us through what it was like growing up in Redfern Sydney. It wasn't alway's happy day's for Jeff, but he turned a bad circumstance and used it as fuel to succeed and live a health lifestyle. Jeff is reaching out to his Aboriginal community to change the mindset's of his people to lead his people to live better and healthier lives. Jeff you're a champion.


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Representing the cracks and crevasses

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